Chapter – 7 Ashoka, The Emperor Who Give Up War

Maurya Dynasty

  • There used to be three important kings of the Maurya dynasty.
  • Ashoka was the son of Bindusara.
  • The capital of the empire used to be Pataliputra.
  • Taxila was the route to North West and Central Asia.

Ashoka was a unique emperor

  • Ashoka was the most famous ruler of the Maurya dynasty.
  • Most of Ashoka’s inscriptions are in the Prakrit language and Brahmi script.

Ashoka’s War in Kalinga

  • Kalinga is the ancient name of coastal Oriya.
  • About 8 years after becoming the king, Ashoka fought the Kalinga war.
  • Seeing the bloodshed caused by the war, he hated the war.
  • He decided that he would never fight again.

Ashoka’s Dhamma

  • Dhamma was a composite form of all religions, in which there was no attachment to the worship of any deity, religious customs or ritual.
  • He was also influenced by the teachings of Buddha.
  • Ashoka engraved his messages on stones and pillars in many places.
  • Build roads, rest houses, and also get some wells dug.
  • Arrangements were also made for the medical treatment of humans and animals.

Let’s Recall

Question: List the problems which Ashoka wanted to solve through Dhamma.
:- Problems to be solved by Dhamma:

  • ‘The conflict between people of different religions.
  • Bad treatment of slaves and servants.
  • Cushion in family and neighbors.
  • The sacrifice of innocent animals.

Question: Which means did Ashoka use to propagate the Dhamma?
:- Means of propagating Ashoka’s Dhamma:

  • Dhamma preachers and representatives were sent to other countries.
  • Dhamma Mahatma was appointed.
  • In many places were carved on the rocks.
  • Messages were also read out.

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