Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from?

Food items

Food is one of the basic necessities of our life. It is made from many foods. This mixture may contain cereals, pulses, oily vegetables, vegetables, milk or milk products, meat, fish, eggs, etc. Its mix depends on taste, taste, availability, and economic capacity.

Food sources

The things from which we get our food are called sources of food.
Plants:- Wheat, Paddy, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, etc.
Animals:- Milk, egg, meat, ghee, curd, cheese, etc.

Different Food Items

Different edible parts of plants

Two or more parts of some plants are edible. Stem, root, fruit, leaf, flower, seed, etc.

  • The stem of Plants – Some plants store their food in their stem (transformed or underground). For example- Onion, Potato, Ginger, Garlic, Sugarcane, etc.
  • Leaves of plants – Leafy vegetables can be used as food such as spinach, cabbage, etc.
  • Flowers of plants – The flowers of some plants can be used as fruits. E.g. Banana plant, Pumpkin plant, etc.
  • Plant Fruits – Some plants store their food in the form of fruit. Eg- Apple, Guava, Grapes Mango, etc.
  • Plant Seeds – Some plants store their food in their seeds, we can eat their seeds as food like wheat, rice, groundnut, pulses, etc.
  • Germination – The growing of a baby plant from a seed is called germination.
  • Sprout – A white-colored thread-like structure emerges from the seedling seed which is called a sprout.
  • Makarand (Nectar) – Collects nectar (sweet juice) from flowers collected by bees and stores it in the hive which later becomes honey.

What do animals eat

On the basis of food sources, animals are divided into three classes.

  • Herbivores: – Animals that eat only plants. For example – Deer, Cow, Goat, Rabbit, etc.
  • Carnivores: – Animals that eat only animals. For example – lion, tiger, fox, etc.
  • Omnivores: – Animals that eat both plants and other animals. , For example – man, crow, dog, etc.


Question 1: – Do all living beings need the same type of food?
Answer –
No, all living beings do not need the same type of food, they eat different types of food, and they take it on the basis of their physical appearance, habitat, and internal organs. On the basis of food source, animals were divided into three classes-
vegetarian, non-vegetarian, omnivorous

Question 2:- Write the names of five plants and tell which part of them is used as a food item?
Names of plants that are used as food items:-
Potato – The root of the potato is used as a food item.
Onion – The stem of the onion is used as a food item.
Spinach – Spinach leaves are used as a food item.
Banana – Banana fruit is used as a food item.
Wheat – Wheat seeds are used as a food item.

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