Jalaluddin Ahsan Shah

Jalaluddin Ahsan Shah 1336: Foundation of Vijayanagar by Harihar & Bukka; & Warangal became independent under Kanhaiya.

The five experiments

Taxation in the Doab: The Sultan made an ill-advised financial experiment in the Doab between the Ganges & The Yamuna. The Sultan created a new department of Agriculture called Diwan-i-Kohi.

Transfer of Capital: The most controversial step which Mohammad-bin Tughlaq undertook soon after his accession was the so-called transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri. Devagiri was thus named Daulatabad.

Introduction of Token Currency: Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq decided to introduce bronze coins, which were to have the same value as the silver coins.

Proposed Khurasan Expedition: The Sultan had a vision of universal conquest. He decided to conquest Khurasan & Iraq & mobilized a huge army for the purpose. He was encouraged to do so by Khurasani nobles who had taken shelter in his court. Moreover, there was instability in Khurasan on account of the unpopular rule of Abu Said. This project was also abandoned because of the change in the political scenario in Khurasan.

Quarachil Expedition: This expedition was launched in Kumaon Hills in the Himalayas allegedly to counter Chinese incursions. It also appears that the expedition was directed against some refractory tribes in the Kumaon-Garhwal region with the object of bringing them under Delhi Sultanate. The first attack was a success but when the rainy season set in, the invaders suffered terribly.

He died in Thatta while campaigning in Sindh against Taghi, a Turkish slave.

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